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3 Year Old Class
We do require your child to be potty trained, or at least in a pull up, well on their way to being trained and you feel they can make it through a 3 hour day.  
The 3 year old program teaches:
Reading Readiness Skills:
Recognizing first letter in their name,
listening and retelling stories told, 
learning to communicate in full sentences,
and answering appropriate questions.
Math Concepts:
Recognizing the 6 basic shapes,
 counting, and recognizing the numbers 0-10.
Cognitive Skills:
Recognizing the 8 basic colors,
and recognizing/naming basic body parts.
Motor Development Skills:
Holding and controlling a crayon/pencil properly,
stringing beads,
building a standing structure,
balancing and hopping on one foot,
and balancing on a balance beam.
Social Skills:
Interacting well with others,
participating in group activities, 
keeping hands to oneself,
and sharing with others.
Work Habits:
Staying in his/her seat,
cleaning up when told,
following simple directions,
and working well independently.


4 Year Old Classes


The 4 year old reinforces all the 3 year old concepts and adds many kindergarten readiness skills.  Listed here are some additional teachings we include in our program.

Reading Readiness Skills:

Recite the alphabet,

recognize upper and lowercase letters,

recognize and spell first/last name.

Math Concepts:

Recognizing numbers 0-20,

matching numbers to number sets,

sequencing pictures,

and the ability to complete patterns.

Cognitive Skills:

Drawing a human figure w/major body parts,

know opposites,

know spacial concepts,

and the ability to recognize rhyming words.

Motor Developing Skills:

Use scissors properly,

catch and throw a ball,

and walk up/down stairs alternating feet.

Social Concepts:

Respecting rules and taking care of personal belongings.


Work Habits:

Does routine task by oneself.

Some Other Skills:

Know address and phone number,

read some sight words with ease,

recognize other names in room besides their own,

can pack owns bookbag,

and ca put on coat independently.

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Every child should have a caring adult in their lives.  And that's not always a biological parent or family member.  It may be a friend or neighbor

Often times it is a TEACHER.

                                                                                       ~ Joe Manchin

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